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Furano has so much fantastic food on offer, catering for all tastes.

These are some of our favourite spots but there are lots more restaurants to discover.

Kaiten Sushi Topical - Great value and and consistently brilliant, sushi train restaurant located in central Furano. It gets very busy here so be sure to arrive early as booking is not possible.

Fukuzushi - Great quality sushi restaurant offering a wide range of sushi and sashimi, higher prices than Topical with more of a restaurant feel. Booking recommended.

Furano is famous for it's soup and spice curries with many restaurants offering these local specialties, these are our two favourites...

Yuiga Dox
on - Rustic and cosy restaurant offering excellent curries, homemade sausages and fantastic locally brewed beers. It gets very busy here so be sure to arrive early as booking is not possible.

Furanoya - Another Furano favourite offering soup curry and spice curry.

Tamaya- Charming and friendly, family run restaurant in Kitanomine serving absolutely delicious soba noodle dishes. 

Kodamaya Soba Noodle Shop -  Large, good value restaurant in central Furano. 

Yaki Niku (Korean Barbecue)
There must be four or five yaki niku restaurants in Furano but this one is by far the best...

Mangoo - A fantastic Yaki Niku restaurant located in central Furano. Full english touch screen menus make it super easy to keep ordering. Be sure to book, it's always busy.

There are just too many great ramen joints to list in Furano, each offering their own version of this incredibly popular noodle soup dish. This is our favourite...

Furano Goro Ramen - Lo
cated in the old KFC, this is by no means a fine dining experience but the ramen is always excellent.

There are many izakayas in Furano but this is the one not to miss...

Robata Furano - Tucked down a tight alley, this tiny and rustic Izakaya is packed with character. They have a broad menu offering all the izakaya classics. The owner is also a personality. Be sure to book well in advance, it is always full!


Bistro le Chemin - Located just outside Kitanomine and only a 10 minute walk (in summer) from Yukari Cabins. The 5 course set menu is always fantastic.


Surya - Large new restaurant  in Furano serving authentic Nepalese/Indian curry, unlimited naans too!

Don't fancy going out? No problem, cook up your favourite dish in your very own cabin kitchen. There are two good supermarkets in Furano town. 

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