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Verdant forests, rivers, lakes, endless flower fields, stunning scenery and wildlife make Furano summers truly magical.

Unlike other areas of Japan, Hokkaido's temperatures rarely exceed 30 degrees and there is no summer rainy season making Hokkaido far less humid.

Furano is the number one summer destination in Hokkaido with an array of activities and attractions within a short journey from Yukari Cabins.

To make the most out of your time in Furano, we highly recommend hiring a car.


Vineyards & Flower Fields

Furano is perhaps best known in the summer for it's endless fields of flowers, there are many colours and varieties but the lavender fields are perhaps the most stunning.

Vineyards - Furano has been producing wine since 1972 and has become Japan's number one growing region. There are a number of vineyards located along the valley which offer tasting, tours, meals and of course their wine to buy.


Whether you want to hike up stunning mountain ranges or take leisurely strolls along peaceful rivers and lakes, Furano and the Daisetsuzan national park has it all. 

Hiking, Furano
Bike, Furano


Road Biking - Hokkaido is a world class destination for road biking and endurance training. The tarmac is smooth and the landscape stunning. Hokkaido has milder summers than Honshu and it is rarely too hot to cycle. 

Leisure Cycling - If road biking is not your thing, take out one of the Yukari Cabins bikes for a cruise around Furano & the flower fields. Furano City is located on the flat valley floor making it perfect for exploring at a leisurely pace.

Rafting & Kayaking

The Sorachi river which runs through Furano offers excellent rafting and kayaking from April until October

Wildlife, Image by Erik Karits

Flora & Fauna

Furano and the nearby national parks are blessed with a huge diversity of trees, plants, flowers and wildlife. 

Animals which can be seen include flying squirrels (momonga) which live on site at Yukari Cabins, deer (shika), raccoons (tanuki), stoats & weasels, various reptiles, amphibians and if you are really lucky, you may see bears in the Daisetsuzan national park.

For bird lovers, the forest are teeming with a wide variety of owls and woodpeckers, white tailed eagles can also be see soaring around the peaks above Furano.


What better way to soothe tired muscles after a days hiking, rafting or cycling  than a soak in an onsen. There are even wild (i.e. free) onsens to be found up in the Tokachi-range just a 45 minute drive from Furano. The following facilities are available within a short drive of Yukari Cabins.


Shin Furano Prince Hotel - 5 minute drive

Highland Furano - 15 minute drive

Furano La Terre - 25 minute drive

Hakuginso Onsen (pictured) - 45 minute drive

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